Settling in – first weeks at uni (2 of 3)

My previous blog talked about the important of pacing yourself and I now move onto the second idea for the new arrival –

finding your routine

You should now have got to understand your timetable and all the admin things should have been finished. So now is the time to find the best way for you to go about your university life. Perhaps Wednesday is for your sport (and this is great!) but if you aren’t into sport, this could be a time when you volunteer or perhaps play music or… something else. And maybe your Tuesdays are going to be very full so you know you need to go to bed at a reasonable time on Monday in preparation. And you should find the best place for you to study. I know that some subjects require more reading and research than others but it is a good idea to find out where you find it easiest to study. And be sure that you are being honest with yourself so you aren’t choosing the environment you LIKE the best but isn’t perhaps most conducive to working.

And there is all the other stuff you need to do – shopping, phoning home, spending time with friends, exercising in the gym, going for a bike ride… make sure you fit it all in somehow.

And then you might have discovered a particular evening is one you enjoy most in the SU so yes, go to that. But perhaps make sure you have planned your week so that you have done all your work first.

So, find a routine.

More coming up…


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