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Final year? No job? Don’t worry ( 2 / 5 )

OK. So you've taken the advice of the first of these blogs which was Don't panic Ignore your career for the exam period (but ONLY this period!) Get to know yourself So now let's move to the next stage - where should you apply? Having got to know yourself, you hopefully will be starting to… Continue reading Final year? No job? Don’t worry ( 2 / 5 )


Exams – how to pass without (much) stress (4 / 4)

  4.   Drill-rehearse-practice Find different ways of testing yourself. A really good way of doing this is to create flash cards with a question on one side and the answer on the other. You can then test yourself. There is something odd about physically writing something down that means it tends to be learned. I… Continue reading Exams – how to pass without (much) stress (4 / 4)


You need tools…

So the new academic year is now drawing close - indeed some universities have already started. So you need to be getting ready! I won't offer advise on what posters you need in your room or what the well dressed student should wear. Nor to state the obvious that you need pens, pencils, note pads… Continue reading You need tools…


Being smart about lectures

I won’t pretend that university is anything other than hard work. I have heard it likened to a gym membership where paying your monthly fee will not of itself get you fit. You have to put the work in to see the benefit. And if you don’t, it won’t help at all! Your lecturers will… Continue reading Being smart about lectures